We developed retrieval software for neutral atmosphere profiling to provide with our own products of bending angle, refractivity as well as dry pressure and temperature. The processing uses level1b data of phase and amplitude produced by COSMIC Data Analysis and Archive Center (CDAAC) for FORMOSAT-3/COSMIC mission. We apply both, geometric optics and wave optics to derive single profile with ionospheric calibration for the upper altitudes, depending on the quality of L2 signal. Above 40 km, we use statistically optimized approach to calculate most probable bending angles. Tropospheric multipath is resolved by phase matching method after we apply open loop correction on L1 excess phase based on navigation message. The iono-free bending angle profiles are inverted to refractive index by Abel transform. With the assumption of zero  moisture contribution, we can also compute dry atmospheric profiles of pressure and temperature from the observed refractivity.