On 18-20 March 2020, UPWr, together with RUS Copernicus and ESA, will organize a workshop on environmental remote sensing https://www.upwr.edu.pl/research/49016/geoworkshops.html. The programme includes: 4 hours of lectures (18 March), 5 practical exercises in the field of: land deformations related to the exploitation of natural resources, deformations related to earthquakes, crop monitoring and urban land use monitoring. The lecturers will be given by experienced ESA (Dr. F. Sarti and Dr. M. Fitrzyk) and RUS Copernicus (Miguel Castro Gómez and Tereza Šmejkalová) employees. Participation in the event is free of charge and the number of places is limited to 24. The application can be submitted on the website: https://rus-training.eu/training/rus-copernicus-at-the-apm-remote-sensing-of-the-environment-workshop/apply.

The event is part of the academic cooperation project between UPWr, TU Wien, TU Dresden and Imperial College London “Interdisciplinary international cooperation as the key to excellence in science and education (INCREaSE)”, funded by NAWA.